Riding in the two different road positions is one of the first parts taught during Bikeability Level 2.

Riding on the correct part of the road gives cyclists a better chance to be seen by motorists. Using correct road positioning while riding means that other road users are able to understand what the rider is intending to do.

There are two different riding lines a cyclist may take according to what his intentions are.

Riding in Primary or Secondary?riding

These road positions can also be referred to as follow me (primary) and pass me (secondary), they mean the same thing!

Secondary (pass me)

Most of the times cyclists ride in the secondary or pass me position on the road. This is approximately 1 metre or an arm’s length from the kerb. The term secondary riding position refers to the fact that the rider is the second most important road user and motorists can pass. There are numerous reasons for cyclists to ride in this road position.

  • Easier to be seen by other motorists. The closer to the edge, the more chance of the rider blending into the side of the road, particularly hedges.
  • Avoids grids and drain covers which can cause a cyclist to come off their bike.
  • It gives the cyclist room for maneuvering without hitting the kerb should a vehicle come too close.
  • Other road users are able to overtake and keeps traffic flowing

Primary (follow me)

Primary road positioning is when the cyclist becomes the most important road user and other traffic are made to follow them. The primary riding positioning is towards the centre of the lane, hence why traffic find themselves having to follow. Cyclists ride in the primary riding positioning ONLY when:

  • Turning right (see highway code rule 74
  • passing a junction on the left hand side

The sequence prior to moving into the primary riding position should be:

  • look to make sure it is safe to change road positioning.
  • indicate by pointing in the direction for turning.
  • move to primary road positioning.
  • check one more time before turning by looking over the shoulder of the direction you will be turning.
  • If safe, execute maneuver and move back into secondary as soon as it is safe to do so.

Cyclists should be courteous and respectful towards ALL other road users as well as follow the rules of the road at all times.