Cycling is my passion and whenever I go anywhere. I feel totally lost without a bike, which is why I bought a Btwin Tilt 500 fold up bike during one of my last trips.

On a recent trip to Spain I found myself without a bike. I have always fancied a fold up bike so I thought this would be the ideal opportunity to get one. On my first day back in Spain, I popped into Decathlon in Mijas Costa and had a look at their range of fold up bikes. I already had some ideas as I had spent some time on their website but I had never actually checked one out in person.

I settled for the Btwin Tilt 500. It comes with Shimano Tourney 7 speed and Revo-Shift gear shifter. The gear ratio is a single 52t front and 14/29 rear.The bike weighs in at just under 13 kg and has a price tag of 249.99€ (Spain, April 2018). Included in the price you get front and rear mudguards as well as a rear light. Additional extras include a rear rack as well as a carry bag and water bottle holder. I purchased the rack as well as the carrier bag, both of which turned out to be great investments! The bag has no padding, but fits the bike nicely, it then folds up into a carrier bag which sits neatly under the saddle.

I must admit I didn’t have massive expectations from this bike but……

btwin tilt 500

Out for a ride in Madagascar

Btwin Tilt 500 good bits

  • Dead easy to fold up
  • Folds into a reasonably good size
  • Good gear ratio
  • Comfortable to ride (done up to 40 km rides so far)
  • Good value for money
  • Simple mechanism

Btwin Tilt 500 not so good bits

  • Cassette feels cheap and tinny

I must admit that after having ridden this bike for just over 300 km that’s the only negative thing I can come up with. The Btwin Tilt 500 isn’t bad at all really! It will be interesting to see how the bike ages as I put on the miles.

One improvement which could really be made is, if the Btwin Tilt 500 folded the opposite way around. This would protect the rear derailleur, something which I am always conscious of when I travel. I have had several rear derailleurs bent over the years!

This is one out of 6 bikes I own (my first fold up), I must admit, I love riding it as much as any of my other bikes. I think bikes are like having children. You love them all the same, they are all good at different things and you don’t love one more than the other, you just love them all!

Btwin Tilt 500 Folds up Neatly

btwin Tilt500 folded up

In conclusion. The Btwin Tilt 500 is a great value for money fold up bike which anyone looking for this type of bicycle should really consider as a real contender within this price bracket.