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Welcome to the Cycling Wizard website!

We love all things related to cycling, be it commuting, touring, racing or mountain biking!
We are also passionate about cycling safely too. This is why we will be concentrating a lot on the safety aspects of bicycle riding as well as training for younger riders.

As a Bikeability trainer I love spending time with young riders coaching and teaching them to become safer cyclists.

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Cycling Wizard Local Bike Shop Database

A further aspect we are passionate about is supporting local bike shops or LBS for short. In most cases, these are family run businesses. Many LBS face more and more competition from larger out of town stores as well as  online retailers.

One of the purposes of this website is to create a large and comprehensive database of local bike shops. There is a simple search facility where you can look for local bike shops by different criteria.

In addition to this, one thing we come across on a regular basis is cyclists on long international tours looking for bicycle shops in different parts of the world. This is an ambitious project but our aim is to build a comprehensive international database of bike shops recommended by cyclists.

Feel free to contribute to our database of bike shops and to add a comment, the more information and the more bike shops the better.

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Road cycling
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Cycling Wizard Blog

Our Blog is a chance for cyclists to share their experience in any field of cycling. Whether it’s safety, training, touring, diets or whateve you feel will add value to the site.

Cyclists are welcome to contribute any articles written by them, which of course focus on any aspect of cycling . Feel free to contribute with  events, bike reviews or what have you. You can sign up to our blog on clicking this link

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Cycling Wizard Suggestions

If you have any suggestions you would like to make or features on the website you think would help fellow cyclists, just drop me a line: mike@cyclingwizard.com

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